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Sarah’s Life: Past, Present and Future

From Sarah:
I need / want to keep more of my personal life off the Sarah’s Attic Of Treasures Blog. That is suppose to be a FUN BLOG.
I will still add comments and daily insights about our life. You couldn’t stop me from doing that. Here I can write what is going on behind the scenes. ┬áThe boring stuff not everyone wants to read. Yet, the things I NEED to write about. I need to write about MY LIFE IN COLORADO.
I NEED TO WRITE ABOUT BOBBY. As much as I want to.
I NEED to write about my depression. My anger. My Grief. The Lupus and Fibro and Just plain HURTING EVERY DAY 24/7.
I need to be REAL. Good. Bad. And everything in between.

About This New Blog:
What Was, Is and Will Be.
The original of Sarah’s Life : Past, Present and Future :
is on Facebook as a page and group. It is connected to Sarah’s Attic Of Treasure’s Facebook Account and Blog here. It is where I will talk about my life since Bobby died and I moved to Florida to marry Danny. Debbie to Sarah. Mom and Teacher to Wife and Volunteer. Colorado to Florida.